The fascination for Muslim Weddings, the colourful and vibrant wedding dresses and the beautiful things associated with it grew with the celluloid movies featuring the concept of “Nikah”. It’s not everyday that you get to witness a wedding taking place at the Nigeen Lake, Kashmir and the wedding was nothing short of a fairytale.

Couples like Quswa & Fahad are very special! We say this because it’s not hard to find a couple who is in love, but it’s very special to see a couple who knows each other so well that they don’t need words to communicate. Being there for each other all the time and enjoying every bit of it, gives a photographer lot of moments to capture and when the couple is as beautiful as them it’s an icing on the cake. We had a lovely time being a part of their celebrations, thanks to them, their family and friends who made us feel at home.                        

– Shot by Nitin & Shiv Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/70-200mm lenses–