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When two beautiful people come together, to share life, share love, one can do nothing more than just wonder in awe and pray that their love blooms stays strong till the end of time..

– Shot by Nitin, Shiv & Dipnendu Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/70-200mm lenses–






No matter what, love finds its soulmates and makes sure they hold hands forever. Sanaa & Arjun’s story proves just that. As two carefree individuals roaming around and conquering the world in their own ways, little did they know that they will stand conquered by a feeling that’d supersede everything else.

20 Years ago…

They first met 20 Years ago. Sanaa noticed Arjun because he was her friend’s elder brother. Arjun has childhood memories of meeting her once a month and being allergic to eachother and as per Sanaa he was so Gawky’!

17 Years ago..

Sanaa moved to Australia with her family and Arjun’s  family moved to the US in 2005. They were in touch through facebook and there messages were limited to birthday/diwali/new year wishes….

Fast Forward 2014- 2015…

Sanaa moves to the US for work. They met again this time at Arjun’s sister’s wedding . Being with and around her energy for three days made Arjun realized that he didn’t want to let her go, without knowing when they would meet again.

The “ups” were the weeklong trips they would make to see each other every three months beginning June of that year… the “downs” were the times when they had to part, the time they had to spend apart, slowly working towards being together forever – a textbook long distance relationship.

In Arjun’s words -  “This story has only begun. The ride into the sunset will be glorious when it comes, but it is still only breaking dawn… and I look forward to cherishing each moment that comes till then.”

– Shot by Nitin, Shiv, Raunak & Dipnendu Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/70-200mm lenses–

Sanaa’s MUA- Mrignaina Kumar

Sanaa’s Lehnga- Anita Dongre

Arjun’s Shrewani - Gaurav Chhabra & Co.

Venue –Tivoli Garden & Ocean Pearl Retreat

Managed By: ShaadiBrigade





When we see Dilpreet and Ayush in the pictures, we see two best friends who love to laugh, be elated and just have fun in every moment. These are the kind of relationships we love to photograph; the kind of memories that will make you dance every time you look at the pictures later. 

To start with, we planned the pre-wedding couple photoshoot  in a Diwali Mela. So what was supposed to be full day photo shoot was cut to a few hours and we had to move around fast. The ambience of a "mela" is pure delight for photographers; to walk through the beams of light falling all over and lots of people milling about; so naturally, havingthe couple shoot here upped the ante. We got lucky with some amazing moments that you can check below.

Later in December, the wedding and other pre-wedding celebrations rolled out beautifully in Delhi, at the groom's place. It was an intimate function with very few friends and family gracing the occasion. Needless to say the mood was vibrant as were the multicultural rituals of  both the ceremonies for the couple. We had enough space to move around and capture the moments. And it would be terribly rude of us not to mention the exceptionally warm reception we were given by everyone. Be it during the outdoor photography, the getting ready sessions or the wedding rituals; the time and space the families offered us was phenomenal. And as photographers, we couldn't have asked for more.

Happy to share the highlights in this feature. Take a look!

–Shot by Nitin, Shiv & Nikhil in Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/70-200mm lenses with aid of Magmod at instances –


Venue | Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

Bridal Wedding Couture Day 1 | Patyala Royal Couture

Bridal Makeup Day 1 | Tejaswani Chander

Groom Wedding Couture Day 1 | Manyavar

Bridal Wedding Couture Day 2 | Om Prakash Jawahar Lal

Bridal Make up Day 2 | Chandni Singh

Groom Wedding Couture Day 2 | antarDESI