Pashyanti contacted us couple of months before her wedding. We had my first meeting with Sahil and his best friends over beer which was initially scheduled at Chaayos and moved to Beer Cafe.
Sahil's only condition was that we have to party and and be a part of post wedding ceremony as a friend not as a photographer, and he actually asked us to pack our cameras at the venue once the party started!!

Sahil and his friends also scared us by telling me that Pashyanti takes time to open up with people and is especially reserved in front of the camera. Boy! were they wrong!! Coz we only saw a very fun and full of life person when we actually met Pashyanti for the first the time.

The first day at the shoot when we addressed her as Pashyanti she corrected us and said you can call me "Pakhi" . Which is what people close to call her and we were the fortunate ones.

Pakhi's wedding attire and her look on the D-Day truly reflected her vibrant colourful and carefree personality as can be seen below.

The wedding has been featured by Vagabomb & WedMeGood

Pashyanti's MuA: Shagun, Wedding lehenga: 

Venue: The Den Corbett 


– Shot by Nitin & Shiv in Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/70-200mm lenses with aid of Magmod at instances –