WARMTH’ is the one word that sums up the entire experience that we had on shooting the wedding of the lovely couple, Sarina and Byron. If happiness is measured by smiles, then this bride would have possibly travelled miles. That’s how hearty a smile she sported all the way along her journey to her eternal day with the handsome groom Byron. After just a few mail exchanges and FaceTime calls, we got to know them very well by the time we started to the shoot their wedding. That’s one of the perks of knowing your photographer, which sets the tune for the couple to pose effortlessly on their big day, and eventually, gifting us with more candid clicks on the go.

It was a perfect family wedding, in fact, a grand get together, we should say. Not just the couple but also the entire gathering was in a gala mood all the time, rejoicing the proceedings, on and off the stage. A special mention to the lovely cousins and friends who flew down from the United States and were there with the groom, right from the day 1 to the wedding day.

It was a perfect beginning to the fairy tale between the couple who were oozing with love. ‘Made for each other’ is a cliché word to use but not when the couple complements each other so well. Sarina was cool, casual and completely carefree in the way she carried herself. Byron was calm, classy and very compassionate. As their photography team, it was a treat for us to walk through such an enthralling event banked on love with ample hospitality.

Sarina’s MUA: Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup

Outfits by : Megha Khanna & Ritu Luthra

Jewellery by: Anjana and Abhishek Maheshwari

–Shot by Nitin & Shiv in Canon Mark III & Nikon D750, 85mm/35mm/24-70mm lenses–